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Welfare Organisations > Rescue Battery Hens Cape Town

Rescue Battery Hens Cape Town

Cape Town

Our family started this not for profit campaign in Nov 2012. We run a website where you can send a picture of your backyard and go onto an adoption waiting list. We then go to cull farms and rescue battery hens due for slaughter at the young age of 72 weeks. We put NO markup whatsoever on the hens we rescue and we ask only that fellow adopters contribute to petrol/trailer/driver hire costs (Usually R20 - R30). We offer a delivery service for large quantities of hens, most adopters come to us on the rescue weekend to collect their ladies. In winter we will hault our rescues during the cold rainy weather and then focus on outreach and education to schools and the public to emphasize the importance of supporting farmers to convert to free range farming by buying free range eggs. We have both adoption and NON adoption ways in which the public can support/work with us: