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Pets Details

  • We found Sabre this morning at 3am. The security guard at our complex phoned us to say he saw her coming down the road towards our complex's gate. He tried to catch her and she ran away. She was a bit freaked out when we approached her but we got her toy and blanket and some food. She was so hungry and thirsty! Initially, she did not want to come home - she still wanted to explore! But now she is home and she just wants cuddles. We'll take her to the vet for a checkup. Her sister is not too impressed since Sabre is quite dirty. They are so cute! Thank you for everyone's encouragement and advice. We could feel the love from all the messages and support we received! In love and peace, Liebe & Jacques
  • Date Found 2018-12-12
  • Area Found Royal Ascot
  • Province Western Cape
  • Pet Type Cat
  • Breed Unknown (Turkish Van)
  • Colour White (Ginger)
  • Mobile 0712399446
  • Phone 0813367720