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Lost Dogs


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Dog | Dachshund | Red
Date Lost: 2017-06-25
Area Lost: Kilnerpark
Dog | German Shepherd Dog | Black
Date Lost: 2017-06-17
Area Lost: Camperdown
Dog | Pit-bull | Tan
Date Lost: 2017-06-16
Area Lost: Tableview


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Dog | Jack Russell Terrier | White
Date Lost: 2017-06-16
Area Lost: Oakdale, Bellville


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Dog | Border Collie | Black
Date Lost: 2017-06-15
Area Lost: Krugersdorp North


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Dog | Pit-bull | Black
Date Lost: 2017-06-15
Area Lost: Johannesburg South- Winchester hills
Dog | Chow Chow | Black
Date Lost: 2017-06-12
Area Lost: Rhodesfield Kempton Park


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Dog | Basset Hound | White
Date Lost: 2017-06-11
Area Lost: Van Dyk Park, Boksburg


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Dog | Labrador Retriever | Golden
Date Lost: 2017-06-07
Area Lost: Bordeaux North, Randburg


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Dog | Scottish Terrier | Black
Date Lost: 2017-06-05
Area Lost: Anyplace around Checkers, Sasol Garage and Pick & Pay in Langenhoven Park, Bloemfontein. That also
Dog | Yorkshire Terrier | Black
Date Lost: 2017-06-02
Area Lost: Uitenhage Addo sunland


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Dog | Dachshund | Brown
Date Lost: 2017-06-01
Area Lost: Wierdapark, Centurion